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Einfache Video Produktionstools

Posted by mk - Mai 20, 2009

Bin gerade auf der Suche nach noch einfacheren Möglichkeiten für Laien Videos zu produzieren. Hier zwei erste Tools:

For creative individuals who are looking for the perfect tool that fully supports the process of video and audio content production, management and distribution, The Cockpit is the ultimate application to easily create, manage and publish podcast, vodcast or slideshow. Unlike any other video-content creation software that charges a certain amount of money, The Cockpit features more functions at literally no cost.

via The Cockpit.

Vlog It!

Add video to your blog in seconds

Vlog It creates video blogs faster and easier than traditional video editing software because there’s no editing! In fact, it’s more like an automatic TV newsroom right inside your computer.


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